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Van Damme in Vienna for new film

  April 18, 2013

Action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme was in a good mood on Tuesday. "I love this business", he said in Hotel Bristol in Vienna, where he presented his new TV series "Dubai Force".

The Belgian actor said that the series is an unusual concept and was influenced by a Reality show. Mr Van Damme became famous with films like "Blood Sport" and "Universal Soldier".

"When you are young, you really want to be a star. When you have achieved that, however, you start realising that this is only a shell and then you really start acting", the actor stated.

He explained the fact that he and his Action film colleagues from the 1980s have become successful once again with "the effect of the films ‘Expendables’".

Despite his recent hip operation, Jean Claude Van Damme will soon take on the main role in "Swelter". The film is about four dangerous escapees, who were in jail for a huge casino robbery. After they have escaped prison, they start hunting their fifth accomplice.

Source: www.austriantimes.at

Jean-Claude Van Damme

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