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Volvo Trucks Teaser: Jean-Claude Van Damme Epic Splits

  November 14, 2013

"Because of my big legs and karate, I can do the splits... no problem" Van Damme once said while wearing blue spandex in front of a bunch of sexy girls.

That's not something a real man would do, that sounds like a bit of boasting. And so the real men at Volvo Trucks want him to prove it by splitting his legs on two mirrors, of two large trucks, which are driving in reverse.

Jean-Claude is 53 years old now, which in Hollywood years is about 80. He likes flamenco and has left his butt kicking adventures firmly in the past. So, will he do it? Yeah, sure he will.

Sing it Enya!

Source: www.autoevolution.com

Jean-Claude Van Damme

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