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Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme plans new movie in Dubai

  June 06, 2013

Action hero Jean Claude Van Damme has spent his career bashing bad guys - and now the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ is preparing to beat up brazen bankers in Dubai.

The Belgian bruiser has linked arms with Fashion TV owner Michel Adam - who recently opened new Dubai nightclub Studio F at Emirates Towers - for his latest blockbuster, ‘Luxury Meets Justice’. Adam says Van Damme’s role in the flick will see him go toe-to-toe with “show-off tycoons - girls here, bodyguards there - who overstep the laws of justice”.

 Jean-Claude Van Damme in Dubai
The ‘Muscles from Brussels’ is preparing to beat up brazen bankers in Dubai

He added: “In the movie, we’re trying to get rid of all the bankers who pretend they’re big shots and destroy all our money. We don’t need these guys around.” Adam, who says he has known Van Damme for 30 years, said: “Dubai will be one place, because you have a lot of these type of people.”

Action legend Jean Claude Van Damme is in Dubai at the moment looking at locations “all over” the emirate, said Adam, who revealed the Studio F nightclub would definitely feature.

Alongside Dubai, scenes for the action picture will also be shot in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Ibiza and Saint Tropez, said Adam, adding that ‘Luxury Meets Justice’ will cost about $10 million to make, and filming will start in October.

The premiere will be held in spring 2014, said Adam, with the film released straight to video on demand.

Source: www.7daysindubai.com

Jean-Claude Van Damme

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