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Jean-Claude Van Damme and Adam Brody to Fight to the Death in Welcome to the Jungle

  January 17, 2012

Jean Claude Van Damme possesses a rare ability. The older he gets, the more badass he becomes. It doesn't matter if he's stabbing dozens of people every five seconds (thank you, Universal Soldier: Regeneration) or holding a puppy. The guy's just menacing. The good news? We're gonna see even more of him!

According to Variety, Adam Brody will be throwing down with '90s action star Jean Claude Van Damme in a survival thriller shooting next month in Puerto Rico.

The duo will star in Rob Meltzer's Welcome to the Jungle, which follows a group of staffers at a design firm who go on an office retreat to a tropical island, where total chaos erupts after they become stranded. A "Lord of the Flies"-type situation unfolds, and Brody's character is forced to match wits with the power-hungry leader in order to rescue his co-workers.

Rob Huebel, Dennis Haysbert, and Kristen Schaal co-star. Look for more on this one as soon as we either A - learn to do one of those zany splits or B - master some of JCVD's smooth dance moves.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: dreadcentral.com

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