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Watch Van Damme Get Silly In Russian Slapstick NAPOLEON KAPUT!

  June 29, 2011

Jean Claude Van Damme got his shtick wrong all those years ago when he went down the road to become a serious minded action hero. He did fine, sure, and spawned a legion of fans - among whom I gladly count myself - but he has discovered something about himself late in his career that I truly wish he had learned earlier.

Jean Claude Van Damme is a very funny man.

The inkling that this may be the case first cropped up a few years ago when he made a cameo appearance in a Turkish action comedy and was sealed with his fabulous performance in the fabulously post modern dramedy JCVD. And then there's the UK Coors Light ad that turned up earlier this month. That thing's brilliant. And now here he is making a featured appearance in Russian, Zucker Brothers style, madcap slapstick comedy Napoleon Kaput.

From the makers of the similarly themed Hitler Kaput, the film is a zany period comedy set during the Napoleonic Wars. No, Van Damme is not Hitler himself, but some sort of French officer and while he doesn't turn up until the end of the trailer that's very, very definitely him. Before that you get men in drag, human cannonballs, fancy boots, bouncing ladies and all sorts of other lunacy. Check it below!

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: twitchfilm.com

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