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Best Martial Arts Movies For Guys

  April 16, 2011

If you're trying to find some of the best martial arts movies for guys, then you may want to take a look at this action-packed collection of films. From Jean-Claude Van Damme to Steven Seagal to even Bruce Lee himself, these martial arts movies pack all the kick, punch, guns, blood, and everything else you could possibly ask for. These martial arts flicks have a little taste of everything–Science fiction? Check. Thrillers? Check. One-on-one kumite fighting? Check.

1. "Blood Sport." This is the ultimate martial arts movie, hands down. In Jean-Claude Van Damme's best starring role ever, he plays a rogue soldier turned kumite fighter in Hong Kong where he participates to honor his ill-fated master. But, he soon finds himself avenging the injury of his new best friend. When it comes to the best martial arts movies for guys, it doesn't get any better than this.

2. "Under Siege." Not only is the one of the best martial arts movies for guys ever made, it's the greatest thing since the "Die Hard" series. "Under Siege" stars Steven Seagal as a chef aboard a navy ship when it gets hijacked by terrorists. Luckily, this particular chef knows a lot more than just cooking skills.

3. "Enter The Dragon." Which martial arts movie fanatic doesn't know of Bruce Lee's memorable role in "Enter The Dragon"? Aside from Bruce Lee, the movie was a host to many other stars such John Saxon and Bolo Yeung. This is one of the most memorable and classic martial arts movies for guys.

4. "The Last Dragon." Barry Gordon's "The Last Dragon" is packed with a classic 1980s soundtrack, a fresh cast of stars (Mike Starr, Christopher Murney, and even pop singer Vanity), cool martial arts fight sequences, and worthy adversaries for the film's hero, making it among one of the best martial arts movies for guys.

5. "Above The Law." For those of you who require a martial arts action movie that contains a lot more meat on its story bones than it should have, then you're in for a treat with "Above The Law," the debut of martial arts superstar Steven Seagal. The movie follows Seagal as a martial arts master recruited into the CIA who is tasked with unveiling a mysterious drug conspiracy in Chicago.

6. "Cyborg." At the height of his Hollywood success, Jean-Claude Van Damme starred in another classic yet underrated martial arts action flick known as "Cyborg." Set sometime in the 21st century, the film is a very dark and futuristic martial arts movie for guys where Van Damme plays a nomad warrior who faces off against a group of cannibal pirates for a sentient being who holds the cure for a plague.

7. "Double Impact." Jean-Claude Van Damme surpasses expectations once more by giving us twice the dose of his talents as he plays a pair of twin brothers who are out to avenge the murder of their parents. The film even stars his former "Blood Sport" opponent, Bolo Yeung himself.

8. "Romeo Must Die." This movie is for martial arts fans and Hip Hop fans alike. "Romeo Must Die" sees the teaming up of the unlikely but very cute on-screen couple that is R&B singer Aaliyah and martial arts superstar Jet Li. Watch as Jet Li gains the element of surprise over his foes while winning the heart of the girl he likes.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: screenjunkies.com

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