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ActionFest Sneak Preview: Weapon

  April 9, 2011

Jean-Claude Van Damme :: Weapon

ActionFest premiered two scenes from the upcoming movie Weapon, starring Scott Adkins and Jean-Claude Van Damme. This is monumental to some fans. Adkins has displayed impressive feats in unexpected straight to video titles like Undisputed III and Ninja. Van Damme hasn’t gone theatrical in a while, but trust me, you’d want to see these guys go at it.

The first scene delivered just that. Roland Flint (Adkins) and Brazil (Van Damme) meet in a burnt out factory and fight. Brazil swoops down from behind Flint like Batman. Their hands fly in tight quarters, then they wield metal poles out in the open. Of course it’s a dirty old factory because those are easily available for shooting, but it’s a real old school/new school fight. Van Damme is able to move at Adkins’ speed.

They’re fighting over a contract and form a reluctant alliance. Flint has a connection to the target Polo, and he doesn’t even want a share of the contract. It’s personal. Van Damme still speaks with that accent, the one that’s been called Canadian in more than one movie’s exposition.

The next scene is not a fight but Flint comes in on a target who actually has a remote controlled gun in his office. Flint has the remote and he blasts the guy’s computer. He even shoots an outline around his target, but when he gets the information he wants, Brazil shoots the guy in the back.

It turns out Flint wanted the guy alive, and Brazil didn’t know that. They have a banter much like Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum’s “We need to work on our communication” riff from Independence Day. The important part is, Brazil suggests they take some of the guns from the office. I trust they’ll be used later in the film.

This is the first footage ever shown from Weapon, so look for the full Weapon experience later this year on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and whatever new streaming technology gets invented by then.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: screenjunkies.com

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