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Van Damme for Joel Silver’s Dragon Eyes?

  14 November, 2010

For the past few years, Jean-Claude Van Damme has been holidaying at blockbuster – starring in the kind of late-night droppings one usually sits through only when inebriated or waiting for the music video channel to stop playing Taylor Swift. But then came “JCVD”, a French film in which the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ plays a slightly-exaggerated version of himself that’s hit rock bottom, and folks that had been skipping the direct-to-video efforts of Jean-Claude suddenly sparked to him again. And seems they now want more.

In addition to a fourth “Universal Soldier” (said to be, like everything else, shot in 3D) and on top of rumours that Sylvester Stallone wants him to star in “The Expendables 2” (Van Damme passed on the opportunity to appear in the first; he’d be sent straight to Arkham if he rejects this one), a report has surfaced suggesting big-time action movie producer Joel Silver (“Lethal Weapon”, “The Matrix”) wants to have a hand in rescuing Van Damme from the pits of the pitiful.

Silver wants to team Van Damme with Cung Le in “Dragon Eyes”, a mixed-martial arts actioner about a young man, and some street gangs, who take on the corrupt cops and dignitaries of New Orleans, says Whats Playing.

Van Damme would play a supporting role in the film (crooked cop? gang leader?) while “Tekken” star Le would be the hero. John Hyams will direct.

The site says an offer went out to Van Damme’s people recently, but he’s yet to sign on.

Maybe he’s laying in hope that Stallone’s going to pull the tip-truck up at his house and dump a wad of cash on the driveway?

Source: moviehole.net

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: nymag.com

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