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Jean Claude Van Damme is Going Horror in The Breed?

  27 May, 2009

Either JCVD really helped get Van Damme back in the biz, or he's desperate to make some money. The horror gurus at Arrow in the Head are reporting that Jean-Claude Van Damme is joining a horror project called The Breed. AITH caught up with JCVD in Cannes, where he revealed that after shooting a movie called Weapon in the summer, he'd shoot The Breed next. "It's a great story, great script with true emotion. I want to show the fans I am transferable. I wanted to make a horror movie a few years back, but the script was weak and had no direction." Apparently this script was a lot better, as JCVD obviously took the job.

This is the first time we've ever heard of this project, so we don't know much about it. A quick search for The Breed yields two results on IMDb: a 2001 horror film about a breed of vampires, and a Wes Craven Presents film about some kids on a "deserted" island from 2006. All that JCVD said about it is that "it's set in a village where strange things happen," but he wouldn't say anymore, "you know, let the movie speak for itself!" We're not sure what this, but as long as JCVD is kicking some ass in it, I'll be happy. Anyone have any idea what this could be about or know more about it? I'm curious to know why JCVD was so interested.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: AITH

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