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This week itís the return of Jean-Claude
Van Damme on DVD

  February 12, 2009

This week's a DVD called JCVD. There was huge hype about this project for months, and after I watched a screening of this I was hugely disappointed that it went straight to DVD. Van Damme plays himself in this small budget film following his movements over the period of a day with the help of flashbacks. Van Damme finds himself at rock bottom after a horrible custody battle over his daughter, getting overworked and injured on set, loosing movie roles to his nemesis Steven Segal, and with no money to pay his legal fees. As he enters a post office to get what money he has left in his account, a bank robbery takes place and he is framed as the leader.

In my eyes, Van Damme deserves the same recognition as Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler as he deconstructs himself in a six-minute monologue that will leave you stunned in disbelief and pity. A man who was — and still is — an icon to most who lived through the Ď80s and Ď90s took a huge gamble to step out of his comfort zone for his shot to get back in the game. But he was unfortunately let down by the PR and marketing people for this film.

They made a fundamental flaw, but you will be making an even greater error in judgment by not giving JCVD the acknowledgment, and Van Damme the praise he deserves for this moment of brilliance.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: life.hereisthecity.com

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