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Van Damme "felt naked" in new film

  5 Febrary, 2009

Jean-Claude Van Damme said he "really opened up" in his new film.

The Bloodsport actor stars in new movie JCVD, an action thriller in which he plays himself as a washed-up action star who becomes involved in a bank robbery, while trying to win his daughter in a bitter custody battle.

The role, Jean-Claude said, is not too far removed from the reality of his life.

"Real acting is telling the truth," he said. "You have to believe what you are saying."

Van Damme, 48, has not been without his own real-life dramas. He has battled cocaine addiction, been through five marriages, has been arrested for drink-driving and spent some time estranged from his daughter Bianca.

"It was hard to watch the movie the first time," Jean-Claude said. "When I saw it I felt so naked. I opened myself completely — like cutting a fruit and when the fruit is cut you can see what is inside."

Jean-Claude continued: "I will not make any more mistakes and am clear in my head — drug-free Van Damme is down to earth, as funny as before, sometimes too direct, and full of passion."

He is also looking forward to the future, which involves writing the script for Bloodsport 2 and a
possible Double Impact sequel, and is enjoying his more mature years.

He said: "I like myself looking old."

:: JCVD is available to buy on DVD.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: contactmusic.com

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