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18 April, 2008

Jean-Claude Van Damme has offered his fans a small moment of privacy while he was taking a stroll on a Belgian beach right next to the North sea with his son Kristopher and his three dogs.

"It's one of my favourite places. We can walk on the beach for hours in totally tranguillity. Moreover the air is very rich in iodine, which is extremely good for the health. I love to talk here with my son. We are working together on my next movie. He is going to be responsible for one camera, and after that he is planning on direct his own project. I'm really proud of him.

Let me introduce you our three dogs which we found and adopted.

-Stella, found in the desert of Mojave
-Julie, found in the valley of Chatsworth close to Los Angeles
-Ajax, found on the shoot of "In Hell" in Bulgaria

Abandoned, lost and sometimes badly treated, we had to give them an enormous amount of love to help them to overcome some of their traumatisms. Today they are very happy, balenced, smart and very attentive. They are really a part of our family.

You know, when we respect animals, we tend to respect human beings. I encourage people to adopt abandoned animals. It's a beautiful life story which leads to a beautiful love story. But before doing so, one must think hard about taking on such a responsibility. Adopting an animal can bring on many constraints. It's a little bit like having a kid."

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: www.jeanclaudevandamme.be

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