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First Look: Jean Claude Van Damme in Full Love

  14 October, 2008 By Alex Billington

Jean Claude Van Damme in Full Love
Jean Claude Van Damme in Full Love
This might be the weekend that Jean Claude Van Damme truly makes a comeback. We ran the official trailer for JCVD over the weekend, which has garnered an enthusiastic response, and now we've got some photos of JCVD in yet another film. Full Love is Van Damme's latest project that he wrote, directed, and is starring in along with his two children, Kristopher and Bianca Van Varenberg.

Apparently there isn't an official plot available, but it's described as "based on a true story, based in another reality" and "about love, friendship, and dedication." Thanks to Twitch, we've got our first look at Van Damme in the film.

There are a few more photos that can be found over on Twitch. I've featured the best of the batch below for your viewing pleasure. Does this look like it could potentially be an interesting feature film?

I don't want to start making claims that Jean Claude Van Damme has completely reinvented himself, but so far he's doing a great job. JCVD is, as I said before, a very entertaining movie. And these photos alone have already sold me on seeing Full Love. I hope we find out more about this project soon, because I'm curious to see whether Van Damme is actually a good director or not. He actually directed his own 1996 film The Quest, but I don't think too many people liked that movie. Although there's only a handful of people who have seen JCVD, I'm wondering whether I'm alone in my excitement for Van Damme's potential comeback?

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: www.firstshowing.net

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