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Van Damme & Seagal in Demolition Man?

6 March, 2008

I have to admit that I really liked Demolition Man starring Slyvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. I ate all the marketing up for that flick litterally going to Taco Bell to get the free poster and other cool stuff they had at the time. That is the film that really made me a Wesley Snipes fan.

Today however the MTV Movie Blog had an interview with Jean Claude Van Damme in which he said, "Years ago it was proposed that I would do a film with Steven Seagal. I was supposed to be in ‘Demolition Man’ with him. It was a great project. The script I read was a lot different than the one Sly did with Wesley Snipes. I was the bad guy. He was the good guy because he was the Warner Bros guy.”

Now this kind of news really puts me at odds. What could have happened with a movie like that? I think right now it would probably a cult classic film just because of the team up. But because I like the original so much would it have been worth it? I'm not sure.

Van Damme is apparently trying to get back on the scene which for some reason doesn't make much sense. He just turned down a role in the big Street Fighter movie. To me it seemed like he is trying to get away. At any rate Demolition Man could have been one helluva flick with two of the craziest martial arts actors of all time.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: www.moviesonline.ca

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