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Van Damme is a Brand Name. He's like Levi's!

  4 July, 2008

He tells how he still stays in shape now he's 47: because he is enjoying training. ĒI donít know whatís going on but maybe itís because my mind is becoming stronger and Iíve trained for so many years. I rested for a couple of years and I was kind of lazy for a while but now Iím back with a very strong attitude.Ē,

ĒProbably Ďout of shapeí for me is being Ďin shapeí for some people. After the age of 40, when you stop training for a few weeks, itís a disaster; it takes you longer to get back into shape. ď

ďIíve been through a lot in my life; Iíve been up and down. Being in shape mentally and spiritually gives you a simple view of life. We have a tendency to make life complicated but itís so easy at the same time. Before, I was chasing success, fame and attention and Iím not chasing it any more. I believe in destiny. I can smell my direction instinctively.Ē

Van Damme also talks about his favourite film: ďBloodsport is a great movie. Timecop and Universal Soldier are also good. I think all my films were OK because they went in different directions. Iím lucky, I started doing action movies at the age of 25. Now Iím 47, Iím still kicking like a mule and Iím as flexible as I was when I started. My movies are international. Everybody understands a slap in the face. In Japan, Belgium or America, a punch is a punch. Iím a brand name. Van Damme is like LeviísĒ

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: www.metro.co.uk

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