Jean Claude Van Damme up for Double Impact 2?

18 December, 2007

Jean Claude Van Damme is reportedly interested in doing a sequel to one of his biggest hits. The Muscles from Brussels is said to be into a sequel to DOUBLE IMPACT, where the martial arts star played dual roles.

Filmmaker Sheldon Lettich spoke with

The story that JC and I always talked about would begin with Chad getting in trouble with a Chinese Triad gang in Los Angeles (which has a huge Chinese population), and Alex having to come from Hong Kong to help him out. Alex, of course, would be a fish-out-of-water, bull-in-a-china-shop in L.A., kind of like Crocodile Dundee or like Jackie Chan in RH2.

The problem we've always had was that the rights are all over the place. This is because the original copyright owner was Stone Group, a now-defunct company that was partly owned by Michael Douglas and partly owned by Moshe Diamant. Moshe's half was seized by Credit Lyonnais Bank a number of years ago, due to some financial improprieties on Moshe's behalf.

Jean-Claude Van Damme


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