Sheldon Lettich confirms new Van Damme project: "The Shepherd"

17 January, 2007

On the Van Damme Fan Forum director Sheldon Lettich (The Hard Cops, Double Impact) confirmed a new project of JCVD. Sheldon: It is "The Shepherd," which — as I've mentioned before — is set on the U.S./Mexico border. Isaac Florentine is the director, Moshe Diamant is the producer. They've been discussing Scott Adkins, and last I heard he WAS going to be in the movie.

Sony is the distributor. The original screenplay is by Cade Courtley & Joe Gayton. Jean-Claude will be playing a cop in Texas, who's battling with some former U.S. Special Forces guys who are now in Mexico and smuggling drugs across the border.

I think it's more likely that they'll begin shooting at the end of January. What I've heard so far, is that they plan to shoot the interiors in Bulgaria. Then there's going to be about a week somewhere in Mexico, and a week in California (near Bakersfield, I believe) for exteriors.

Nothing is written in stone yet. And as you've all come to learn, sometimes things in this business can change on a moment's notice.

On a question of a forum member if there are Martial Arts Scenes in this upcoming movie Lettich answered:
"c'mon, man! Isaac Florentine's directing, JCVD is starring, and Scott Adkins is supposed to play one of the bad guys. Do you even need to ask if it's going to have martial arts?"

Jean-Claude Van Damme


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