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Van Damme will replace Sigal

30 June, 2006

We were not in time to cry concerning leaving Stiven Sigal from movie "Rush hour" where he had to play the main bad guy and to break bones to Chris Tucker and a Jackie to the Tub as producers have found to him quite adequate replacement, transfers The PlaCe.

According to information IMDb, place Сигала was borrowed{occupied} with Jean Claude Van Dammewhich character will be called by Bruno Kavale. Admirers of creativity of the Muscle from Bruxelles were already divided into two contradictory camps: one approve, that all aforesaid - the real truth, and anything cannot be better, and the second are inclined to consider Van Damme's occurrence on a page of film as someone's foolish draw.

Alas, such it is possible - minus IMDb what bring the information in base can everybody. It is Enough to recollect Wesley Snipes, registered among actors Van Damme "Hard Cops". And therefore, we borrow a waiting attitude.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: VanDamme.ru

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