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Van Damme - "The Exam" (SINAV)

28 September, 2006

Jean-Claude Van Damme / The Exam (SINAV)

SINAV is a story about the exciting adventure of Mert, Sinan, Gamze, Kaan and Uluc who initially plan to steal the exam questions at the high school just to improve their grade point averages.
They come up with this idea due to family pressure, future concerns, exam depression and the intense school tempo.
As the successfully obtain the questions, they decide to expand their plan and start thinking of stealing the questions for the University Entrance Exam.
Obviously they need help from a very skillful person to be able to enter the building, which is protected like a castle, and to steal the questions.
There is only one thief in the world (JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME) who would dare to undertake this mission.
Sinav premiers in theatres in Turkey, as well as in 120 European cities, on October 26, 2006.

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Suisa Nr.: 1006.159
Genre: Action
Release Date: 26.10.2006
Length: 120 min.
Producer: Fida Film ve Bocek Yapim
Director: Omer Faruk Sorak
Art Director: Ipek Sorak
Screenplay: Yigit Guralp

About The Movie

The countdown begins for SINAV, the first movie of the trilogy which will strikingly reflect the lives of the 30 million youth who comprise half the population of Turkey.

Omer Faruk Sorak, the record holder of box office movies such as Vizontele and G.O.R.A., undertakes the directing of SINAV, which will be the first realistic teenage movie of the Turkish cinema, the shootings of which began on June 12, 2006 in Istanbul under the partnership of Fida Film and Bocek Yapim.

The criticism at the education system and the desires, the joys and the fears of the 30 million young Turks based on this flawed system, form the main motive of this act ion drama comedy, which courageously tells these long ignored youth topics for the first time in the Turkish cinema.

The gist of the movie consists of the irregularities of the education system and mainly the university entrance exam, which literally become a nightmare for the teenagers. since decades.

The young cast of this movie which combines comedy, adventure and action with a high tempo, welcomes the most popular young stars of the Turkish cinema and TV sector. In the main roles are Ismail Hacioglu, Tuba Buyukustun, Yagmur Atacan, Ruya Onal, Caner Ozyurtlu and Volkan Demirok.

An impressive casting of Humeyra, Altan Erkekli, Guven Kirac, Zafer Algoz, Ayda Aksel, Ali Surmeli, and Kadir Copdemir accompanies this young cast.

One of the most important names in the casting of this movie is the world-famous Belgian actor, Jean Claude Van Damme. It makes all movie lovers proud to see that the famous actor returns to the silver screen with a Turkish movie.

The movie, which will definitely be loved by young people, ensures a magnificent entertainment beyond all cliches with its casting, atmosphere, images and especially the music of the surprising and important names who are very much liked by the younger generation.

Jean-Claude Van Damme / The Exam (Sinav)Jean-Claude Van Damme / The Exam (Sinav)
Jean-Claude Van Damme / The Exam (Sinav)Jean-Claude Van Damme / The Exam (Sinav)
Jean-Claude Van Damme / The Exam (Sinav)Jean-Claude Van Damme / The Exam (Sinav)

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Jean-Claude Van Damme

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