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Jean-Claude Van Damme will train with Feodor Emeljanenko

25 March, 2006

Dear As already wrote, on February 21, that a star of the Hollywood insurgents Jean-Claude Van Damme has suggested to Feodor Emeljanenko to play itself in a new part of film Bloody sports . And recently it became known, that the Hollywood actor has decided to improve the sports form. He is measuredto study all subtleties of fights without rules and tactics of behaviour on a ring. As the trainer Feodor Emeljanenko is invited.

- Van Damme has simply fallen in love with Russian sambo-wrestling though the master in karate, - has shared with KP Feodor. - He wishes to pass school of Russian single combats. We shall start to fulfil the script of a new part of a picture in Petersburg clubs in the end of April after I shall return from sports gathering. Jean-Claude is going to arrive by this time to Russia for trainings.

For now he has asked me to pick up a team of excellent Russian fighters for film. Quite probably, that in it the Petersburg fighter Novel Zentsov broken recently my record will get also.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: VanDamme.ru

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