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Jean-Claude Van Damme has lead last
week-end in Tel Aviv

23 January, 2006

At the end of the last week the well-known Hollywood film actor, the director and the master of east single combats Jean-Claude Van Damme has arrived to Israel. The purpose of visit is unknown.

Van Damme has lodged in hotel " Tel Aviv Is given " where repeatedly stopped earlier. According to employees of this hotel, recently "star" looks very wearily, by appearance, at Jean-Claude serious problems with health.

Present visit Van Damme to Israel is not covered with press. Any mass media did not inform on his arrival to Tel Aviv. Jean-Claude Van Damma's last arrivals to Israel have been connected or to prime-ministers of his films, or filmings. We shall remind, that the producer who has resulted Van Damme to Hollywood - Moshe Diamant - has grown in Israel.

Events of insurgent "The Order", left on screens in 2002 year in which Van Damme has played a leaging role of adventurer Rudi Kafmajer, developed, basically, in Israel. Shootings of this film passed in 2000-2001 Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

On this time he avoids meetings with journalists and admirers.

Source: www.newsru.co.il

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