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Van Damme in the new blockbaster
"Til Death"

16 May, 2006

Director Sajmon Fellou has finished the basic shootings the insurgent-horror film "Til Death" . It is More than month film it was removed in Bulgaria, there was even a week of work in New Orleans.

The budget of film of $15 million. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays the gangster whom substitute and kill. And here once he rises from a tomb and starts to revenge Е

Except for Van Damme in a tape also were removed Stephen Ri and Selina Jil.

Prime-minister of a picture it is nominated to April, 2007.

Jean-Claude Van Damme / Til DeathJean-Claude Van Damme / Til Death

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: VanDamme.ru

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