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Jean-Claude Van Damme - old fan Feodor Emeljanenko

13 January, 2006

After the victorious fight on New Year's tournament PRIDE Feodor Emeljanenko has once again gone to Paris under the invitation of magazine FightSport for carrying out of masters - classes. But, as appeared, not only it has been planned in the program of trip. To Paris specially for a meeting with Feodor there came with the business offer the American actor Jean Claude Van Damme. Having found out about visit of the world champion on fights of the mixed type of version PRIDE to Paris from pages of magazine, Jean Claude has invited Feodor Emeljanenko to a business dinner in one of the Parisian restaurants. Jean Claude appeared old admirer Feodor and saw practically all his fights on tournaments PRIDE.

 Jean-Claude Van Damme

Van Damme has expressed the interest in Feodor Emeljanenko's participation in the second part once very popular film « Bloody sports ». Shootings of film are planned for August - September, 2006. After exploratory talk of the party have agreed that in the near future producers of film will send the script and the contract for Feodor.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Beforehand we assure all admirers of fights, that in case of Feodor's consent to the offer Jean Kloda, his participation in shootings film will not be reflected at all in his performances in tournaments PRIDE.

Source: VanDamme.ru

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