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Sensation around of road incident with
Jean-Claude Van Damme

10 September, 2006

Many mass-media write: " As it became known, on the night of 3th September, the car, at the wheel which there was a known actor, ran into a tree on a line in area of the resort city of Knokke-Hejst at the Belgian coast of Northern sea where his parents live. Fortunately, nobody has suffered, however Van Damme has refused to pass the test for the maintenance in blood of alcohol. "

Here that Jean-Claude Van Damme speaks: "there was a strong rain, and on road the animal has run out, I had to curtail sharply since the road was very slippery I has lost managements and ran into a tree. Fortunately with me all is normal".

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Source: VanDamme.ru

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