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Official Newsletter December 2005

1 January, 2006

Jean-Claude is has just completed the main portion of his newest film, Hard Corps, which was shot in Vancouver, Canada. It will be completed after the new year in Europe.

The movie has many firsts.It's the first time in over six years he has shot a film here in North America. It is the first time he has ever done a film with animals. It is the first time in nearly ten years he has worked with a leading lady (Vivica A. Fox, featured in Kill Bill #1). It is the first time in nearly six years he has teamed up with Sheldon Lettich, writer of Bloodsport, who also directed Lionheart, and Double Impact. It is the first time he has done an urban film.

With Sony behind the film and with what we expect will be an outstanding hip hop rap soundtrack, our expectations for a theatrical release are extremely high.

The fighting is classic. Van Damme choreographed all the fight scenes personally. Lots of great-looking kicks, unusual yet totally believable combinations and great classic JCVD kicks like only he can do.Roundhouse, spin kicks, side kicks, hook kicks, judo throws and lots more.Believe me when I say his kicks are better then ever, his power, balance, skill, and speed are in top form all the way. The rich colors, and the outstanding, expensive, lavish sets will surely make this one of JC's best in years.

The story line has Jean-Claude as an Iraq war veteran who ends up as a bodyguard to a former world boxing champion who has put a Hip Hop Record mogul behind bars who gets out.The champ's sister (Vivica A. Fox) gets kidnapped by the record mogul who has his own bad boys on the payroll.Let us just say that one of them becomes dog meat when JC is finished with him. The rest of story you will just have to wait for, but rest assured you will not be disappointed.

Guns, awesome kicks, crazed attack dogs, hot chicks, great music. It has it all. The crew of over 125 people - many of whom JC himself selected, like Doug Milsome (England) director of photography, Gino Zamprioli (Italy) his make up artist, and many more - were estatic as they all felt that they had a tiger in a can with this one and they ran around making everything the best they could.

We should mention, as well, that the set was abuzz every day, as JC showed up on the set the crew worked their backsides off, as well as the animal handlers and stunt guys who JC asked, received a standing ovation for as they did such a terrific job in the dog kennels with the attack dogs and the fight scene.Believe me, this scene alone is one you will never forget as things got really wild and very intense as the dogs were doing their thing.

The film is produced by Brad Krevoy and David Bixler.

We will keep you posted as the Hard Corp progresses through its stages.

There is much more to talk about in JC's life right now but we will save it for next month's newsletter which will be filled with updates and his itinerary for 2006.

Written by Damian Choice

Source: www.jeanclaudevandamme.net

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