Official Newsletter July/August 2005

18 August, 2005

Dear Fans,

This is a double newsletter from Jean Claude because he has been on location shooting his most recent film, ?Second In Command?.

The film was completed in late July and is expected to be released spring of 2006. He is very happy with the way it turned out, and is excited about its release.

He is now taking some much needed time off to spend with his family, as he has been away for a few months. He expects to go right into his next film called ?Hard Corps?, which is expected to begin shooting the middle of October, and then finish before Christmas.

Right after the holidays, he will be right back on track and getting ready to begin another project. We will soon have more information in regards to this and other upcoming projects.

He was just invited to do a special interview for 15 Year Anniversary of Entertainment Weekly -- check your local magazine stand to read all about it on the 26th of August.

Finally, we are now able to release to you - his fans - the fact that he is now preparing a sequel to his BLOODSPORT film from 20 years ago. So watch out -- he is back!

He hopes you are all still eating and training correctly, like he is.

See you next month, as we will have more good news for you.

Written by Damian Choice

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