Official Newsletter June 2005

15 June, 2005

A big hello out there to the fans and friends of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Jean-Claude is currently in the process of shooting his film "Second in Command". Shooting commenced June 7th and will continue through the end of July. The filming is going great and everyone involved is very enthusiastic - Jean-Claude, his director, the cast and crew.

We will continue to bring you firsthand information, hot off the press, as the filming days proceed.

Jean-Claude sends his personal thanks to his fans for their continued support and ensures you'll be pleased with this movie and the rest to come.

Jean-Claude is maintaining a healthy diet and is staying fit by training on a daily basis.

Soon we'll have another update and hope to present some on locations photos of the upcoming Jean-Claude Van Damme film "Second in Command" for your eyes only.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Written by Damian Choice

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