30 April, 2004

At the moviehole website there is a story about the Van Damme project "Kumite" which should begin filming this July.

Warrener speaks of the Van Damme comeback film

According to "Blitz", Australias premier Martial Arts Magazine and godamn bible of the plunge and poke industry (enough plugging of your magazine Clint readers of Moviehole), Jean Claude Van Damme has signed on to do a good film.

Shock. Shudder. Faint. Astonishment.

The Muscles from Brussells, whos been slumming it in video-hell for about the past five years, has signed with US martial arts publisher and producer Don Warrener to film a new movie that the producer believes will get the former action hero back on track.

Kumite, is scheduled to be shot in the Summer and will be produced by Hannibal Pictures, its returning Van Damme to the former glory of his Bloodsport and Kickboxer days, says the Producer.

Warrener says Van Damme is so focused and determined to make this his best yet that it is totally inspiring. He adds, I have just heard the entire storyline this morning and this could very well be the one that puts martial arts movies right back on top, like his Bloodsport did in 1988.

Meanwhile, the trailer for Van Dammes next flick Wake of Death has gone up online here

And lets end this report on a good note: plans for a Streetfighter 2 have fallen through. Do I hear the sound of a balloon being blown up?

Meantime, Kung Fu Cinema reports that "Bloodsport" co-star Bolo Yeung will have a role in the film too.

The site mentions that "Kumite" might actually be a sequel to "Bloodsport", but unfortunately, it won't be. We checked in with an inside source on that one and they said that whilst that might have been the plan originally, Frank Dux - the character Van Damme played in "Bloodsport" - quickly put a stop to that. It will now be an all-new story.

Sourced from www.vandammefan.com

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