Van Damme in Lebanon

21 January, 2004

A couple of years ago, about the time Van Damme had finished Replicant he went to Lebanon to visit an old friend. While he was there he gave an interview to the TV station LBC. That resulted in a 45 minute program which you can now download here thanks to Waseem Rishmawi. Van Damme talks about the beginning of his career, his look on action movies today and a lot more.

"In Hell" number 6 on the US rental charts!

Good news. "In Hell" is doing very well in the US and debuted as number 6 on the rental charts earning 5.34 million dollar in its first 5 days of release. Go to for more.

"Wake of Death" director fired

There has been rumors that the director Cess Silvera got fired after just one week of filming "Wake of Death" and it seems like it is true. Philippe Martinez was the sole director of Wake Of Death. It's official.

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