Las Vegas

9 February, 2004


Every Van Damme fans worst nightmare came true tonight on the show Las Vegas where Van Dammes life came to a tragic end. A man who had been practicing a stunt for weeks was forced to give Van Damme the part. Van Damme was going to film the stunt without having any practice. Sadly, Van Damme rode the motorcycle up the ramp, and off the 50 story high building...only to come to a horrific fall when the cord came loose. It was only 20 minutes into the episode, and Van Damme was gone. The rest of the episode was an investigation to find out if Van Dammes death wasnt an accident. At first there are suspicions about the guy who was originally supposed to do the stunt. During the episode you discover that the original stunt man and the directors wife were having an affair. The conclusion was the director had rigged the ramp and the motorcycle to murder the original stunt man, because he was having an affair with his wife. Unfortunately, it was Van Damme who took the stunt mans spot, and he was the one who was murdered. Probably the worst part for me was seeing the Van Damme memorial after his death. It was too real with all the flowers and pictures everywhere. Obviously the best part was to see Van Damme again! Even though he was only in the episode for barely 20 minutes, and there werent any good fight scenes...I at least got to see him do one kick. LOL! It was great! I really enjoyed watching Van Damme on Las Vegas!!! I hope everyone else was able to watch it too.

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