5 December, 2004

The filming of Kumite has been delayed several times, but in one of Van Dammes official newsletters a couple of months ago, he mentioned that filming was just about to start. So, what is going on? The reports we have been getting suggest that filming STILL havent even started, and that now they are looking for a new location.

This is the movie we as fans have been waiting for, and been really excited about. Just look at the poll results on this site. Following the debate on the forum, a lot - just like me, are really frustrated that we dont get any real info about Kumite.

Van Damme now has an official site, but still we dont get the information we are looking for. We want to know what is up with Kumite...what does he think about Wake of Death and stuff like that.

If the webmaster of his official site should read this, then please start giving us the fans some information we can use. I dont want to sound like I dont appreciate Van Dammes official site and the monthly newsletter because I do, but it could be done in a more professional manner.

Sourced from www.vandammefan.com

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