Filming After Death delayed

August 25, 2003

The technicians were set, the studios booked and the Muscles from Brussels, Jean Claude Van Damme, had done his final costume fittings. Yes, all was ready to start filming here this week on the $20-million action flick After Death - until ...Until the key British financier on the movie neglected to cut the final cheque. And why was that? "The guy (the financier) had a nervous breakdown and was taken to a hospital in London," a top Hollywood source said. "And the Jean Claude Van Damme movie and a few other movies he was working on just got put on hold."

Another source on the film confirmed After Death was postponed because of problems over the British end of the financing - which is at least $5 million of the budget. "The money wasn't sent over," said the source. "And it is simply impossible to start without it." Van Damme went back to Los Angeles and was told to return in five weeks when, hopefully, the financier will be back in his office with his chequebook in front of him.

August 25, 2003

Sourced from Montreal Gazette

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