After Death Planned to Shoot After Tower

October 9, 2002

The Belgian actor Jean Claude Van Damme will return to Europe for his next two works. The first one, "The Tower" - written and directed by himself, is set to roll next February in London, Spain and Thailand, with a hefty budget of 20 million dollars. Van Damme will interpret an ex-motorcyclist who is in a coma due to an accident, and while in another dimension he must get past seven levels in a fantastic tower.

The second film, "After Death", will also have quite a lot of oneiric (dream) and spiritual content, the point of which, the burly and attractive fighter said recently in Spain, the country which is also co-producing both films with Great Britain, is to display our more unknown aspects.

Ringo Lam, who has directed several of the Belgian's past successes, will be placed behind the cameras again in this case. Filming begins in the summer of next year.

Sourced from Noticine

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