Two Projects for Van Damme

October 8, 2002

Jean-Claude Van Damme is associated with two new projects, "Tower" that he will direct himself and "After Death", a supernatural thriller that Ringo Lam is signed on to direct for. It seems that Jean-Claude Van Damme can not wait to finish filming any more. His latest feature films The Order, The Monk and Derailed hardly having been completed, (note: The Monk is not yet completed) the Belgian actor is already interested in two new projects: Tower and After Death. Both will be produced by the Spanish company Negro y Azul Group in collaboration with Philippe Martinez, producer of The Piano player.

Van Damme in Coma

In Tower the star bodybuilder will play a former motorbike champion who is plunged into a major coma after a serious accident in Thailand. In his dreams, he will seek to ascend a tower consisting of seven stages and to overcome various obstacles: at the top of this tower, is the return to life that he will await. Equipped with a budget around the $20 million mark (approximately 42 million euros), this action film will be written and directed by Jean-Claude Van Damme himself.

In the Same Vein as Sixth Sense

Jean-Claude Van Damme will then work with Ringo Lam (director of Replicant) for the purpose of After Death, a supernatural thriller in the same vein as Sixth Sense. This film is currently in the writing phase.

Report by Guillaume Martin

Sourced from Allocine

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