Jean Claude van Damme Crushes Cars in Sofia

July 6, 2002

Hollywood Star is a ravaging good guy in a movie called "Gadfly" (aka "The SHU")

Jean Claude van Damme kills his wife's rapist in the US movie called "Gadfly". The location for shooting is Bulgaria. For one week already the Hollywood star has been in bed at night. He is rambling the downtown Sofia taking part in rather dangerous stunts. At the shooting ground his character is Kyle, the good guy. The Bulgarian Mikhail Elenov plays the bad guy. The action is set in Russia and the chase is merciless. In most risky shots Van Damme is using the Bulgarian stunt-men, Mick and Kaloyan. Other Bulgarian actors are also engaged in the movie, these are Valentin Ganev, Stefan Shterev and singer Borko Chuchkov. The camera work is by Ross Luckson. In a wild chase Van Damme crushes a dozen of especially purchased cars. The last shot of "Gadfly" will be made on September 15. - Milla Ivanova

Sourced from StandArt News

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