Van Damme to star and direct in Spain

October 2, 2002

Van Damme arrived in Madrid with 40 minutes delay. He brings to Nice the flashes of the fans' domestic cameras and, as he says, the rain. His only words in Castilian: "What happened, Picasso?" He will have to learn something more after announcing that he has signed a contract with the Spanish [company] American Films for, take air, to star, direct and write the script of a movie filming, to a large extent, in our country.

The provisional title is 'The Tower' which will be a Spanish co-production and, of course, an action movie, although the actor is conscious that this type of cinema is not living through its better moments: "The image of Van Damme that the televisions and the newspapers have is of a man that opened the door by kicks. Now I am 42 years old, not 30, and I do not want them to see me simply as a champion." For that reason, he makes an effort in transmitting a spiritual message in the film, almost religious: "I try to show my point of view of the martial arts to help to better understand the violence nowadays; the rejection of violence."

All this will be translated in the film by a kind of astral trip that will take the character of Van Damme after ending up in a coma: his mind is separated from his body and is transferred to a sinister tower where the hero will have to overcome, by fighting, various floors: that of fear, that of logic, that of love... and to thus leave his state of catatonia less egotistical and violent than before. "It can sound a little stupid, but in 2002 we continued committing the same errors, we continued attacking ours neighbors in the name of a religion."

The actor has also signed another movie with American Films, 'After Death' directed by Ringo Lam (he already worked with Van Damme in 'Replicant') and that he thought to be filmed in Almera, although finally it will be completed abroad.

Sourced from Larazon

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