Brad Pitt is Handsome

Tititi:May 29, 2001 (Brazilian TV magazine)

After limbering up, the idol gave a demonstration of some karate blows

In this exclusive interview, Jean-Claude talked about women, God and family.

Interview by Clo Francisco

He's back and has chosen Brazil for the worldwide launch of Replicant. He arrived on Saturday and caused a great uproar. Even after a 12-hour flight, he treated the fans' siege and six hours of interviews with a great disposition and good humour. He also conceded to Tititi in the Gran Meli Hotel. During the interview, the protagonist of Bloodsport and Universal Soldier showed that he is very sweet, sensible and emotional. And something else. Check it out.

Tititi: Is it good to be considered a sexy man?

Van Damme: What is a sexy man to you?

Tititi: A handsome man, is one that every woman looks at with an open mouth.

Van Damme:I'm not handsome. No, no. Brad Pitt is handsome. I'm very charming.

Tititi: You don't think you're handsome, but lots of women think you are. How do you feel about that?

Van Damme: I love it, of course.

Tititi: What kind of crazy things do women do when they get close to you?

Van Damme: They are very polite. Because women, no matter how much they want something, always have this instinct of being polite.

Tititi: You said that your life changed a lot and you learned good and bad things. Can you talk about these things and what you learnt?

Van Damme: The bad times are when you put your hand in boiling water and burn yourself.

Tititi: Did you do that a lot?

Despite a long flight, he granted several interviews and showed his excellent disposition

Van Damme: Everybody does. If you don't do it today, you'll do it tomorrow. Nowadays I just want the good water. The way that is closest to my personality, my soul, and gives me balance.

Tititi: Do you believe in God? Do you have a religion?

Van Damme: I believe in God and that he is inside of you. You are made of God. You are alive, breathing, can see and listen.

Tititi: Then, is the great fighter becoming a sensible man?

Van Damme: You don't become something, you are something. Fighting is a thing that you learn, I had to train a lot of hours for it. Sensibility is something you're born with. I'm not learning to be sensible, because I was born sensible. You can, of course, go deep in your emotions.

Tititi: How is Van Damme in the family, with the kids?

Van Damme: A good father and that's it. I won't speak more. People who ask this kind of question should learn to be more respectful. I'm not ready to talk about this, because I talked about my intimacy before and some people took advantage of that. They earned lots of money, in a bad way.

In the hotel, he disclosed to all his simplicity and posed for photos with the films distributors and the producer

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