Kickboxer 6

August 26, 2001

Jean Claude Van Damme mentioned in an interview for a Brazilian magazine the possibility of filming a continuation of Kickboxer. This one would not have any relationship with the sequels (Kickboxer 2,3,4, 5), but instead would begin where the first film left off. Van Damme expressed an interest in obtaining a co-star like Sasha Mitchell, who played his younger brother in Kickboxer 2.

There is no title for the film yet, as it is just a rumour, but Kickboxer 6 would sound a bit cheesy wouldn't it! All fans of Van Damme, who are mainly martial art lovers, await this film with anticipation. For the moment Jean Claude has several plans on the table and must finish filming The Tower, After Death, The Monk and possibly Abominable before this project could begin development.

Sourced from Brazilian magazine

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