Jean-Claude Van Damme, in Port Adventure

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Maria Pineda presented the new attraction of Port Adventure.
The actor and the model took the opportunity to prove the attractions of the body.

April 26, 2001. (Spain)

The model Maria Pineda next to the actor, at the new attraction of the park.

Jean-Claude Van Damme did not forget his charm and showed one of his best smiles yesterday to present the new attraction of Port Adventure. Next to him was the model Maria Pineda who took a walk around the park with the Hollywood star.

The actor and the model proved the newness that the amusement park has displayed this season, which is inspired by Aztec Mexico. It was a lightning visit by Van Damme. The night before last he arrived from Los Angeles and only yesterday he flew on to Taiwan. But the actor will return to Spain in July, for the occasion of presenting his latest film, The Order and, already afoot, to promote his own brand of sport clothes.

Actor of Comedy

The actor, who until now has been focused on action cinema, assured us that he wants to now move towards comedy. Van Damme is conscious that the public will be surprised by the new course of his professional trajectory which is why he wants to make the change slowly.

The Belgian artist joked when assuring us that comedy involves less risks than action cinema and that, in addition, it will not need the use of doubles. He does not favour using doubles for the most dangerous scenes, "I only use them when the insurance of the film forces me to", he affirmed.

Jean-Claude Van Damme initiated his range of clothing with the designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The French Modernist saw Van Damme in the street one day and was impressed by his physique. He immediately offered to start a campaign of clothes for him. Jean-Claude has molded his muscular body with martial arts and ballet. Ballet, according to him, is what "creates hard buttocks."

A Tumultuous Personal Life

Van Damme has married on five occasions, two of them with the same woman. At the moment, his first wife Gladys Portuguese lives with him and their two children, Christopher and Bianca. After his first wedding with Gladys, he married Cynthia Derderian, Maria Rodriguez and Darcy Lapier, with whom he has a small son, Nicolas.

Jean-Claude Van Damme will return to Spain in July to present his film The Order. Jean-Claude Van Damme was amused with the mascots of the amusement park.

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