Jean-Claude Van Damme Shows his Talent at Soccer

Jean-Claude Van Damme was enchanted with his visit to the facilities of the FC Barcelona.
The actor received a t-shirt of the equipment and later demonstrated his mastery of the ball.

July 19, 2001. (Spain)

The actor, who has just presented his completed film in Spain, visited the facilities of the FC Barcelona.

In the great screen he is a star of blows, fights and the martial arts, and in real life, in addition to being a likeable and good natured man, he demonstrated that he also defends himself with the ball.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is these days in Spain where he presented his new film, Replicant, in which he returns in a double role. The actor, who has already visited Port Adventure a few months ago, took advantage of his stay to visit the facilities of the FC Barcelona.

A lover of soccer, also practiced in his native Belgium, Van Damme was made welcome by Camp Nou on whose turf he did not doubt in showing his abilities by sticking another kick to the ball. After visiting the rooms of the club and the museum, the t-shirt of the Barsa was presented to him by the people in charge of the Club with his name on the back. The protagonist of Universal Soldier was enchanted and after a tap, signed the ball and handed the representatives the equipment.

In spite of being one of the kings of the action cinema, the actor assured us as he killed some time, that he wants to move back towards comedy. Conscious that the public will be surprised by the new course of his professional trajectory, he wants to make the change slowly.

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