Van Damme and Heston Make Team

March 16, 2001

New and astonishing duet. Jean-Claude Van Damme will team up with Charlton Heston in the thriller "The Order" by director Sheldon Lettich. A new project for Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Absent from the large screen since Lgionary in 1998, the Belgian actor returns to film in the thriller The Order. At his side, one finds a great name of cinema in the person of Charlton Heston (soon to be seen in Planet of the Apes by Tim Burton).

Directed by Sheldon Lettich (The Last Patrol with Dolph Lundgren), Jean-Claude Van Damme will take the role of an antiques dealer whos father disappears after having written a work on a mysterious group known under the name of The Order. He will be helped in his research by Charlton Heston playing an experienced investigator. With the credits, one also finds Ben Cross (Lancelot) and Brian Thompson (X Files). Currently in post-production, The Order should arrive on American screens by the end of the year 2001.

For this film, Jean-Claude Van Damme found his accomplice Sheldon Lettich. Director, producer and screen writer, he last collaborated with the actor in four projects, Bloodsport in 1988 as screen writer, Full Contact in 1990 (Lionheart) and Double Impact in 1991 as a director and screen writer, and Legionnaire with the post of screen writer and producer.

Previously, Jean-Claude Van Damme filmed Replicant under the direction of Ringo Lam (Maximum Risk), in which he plays a double role: a terrifying serial killer. He also acts as his clone, created in order to take part in his arrest and helped by two inspectors of which Michael Rooker (definitely accustomed to the clones after his part in The 6th Day). A film awaited soon in the United States, if the production manages however to find a distributor.

Sourced from Tournages

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