Van Damme is Back!

July 11, 2001

With the film Replicant, Jean-Claude Van Damme is back, more aware than ever. The public is entitled at least to two Jean-Claude for the price of one!

One does not need to introduce Jean-Claude Van Damme any more. The Belgian actor asserted himself a good ten years since as one of the pillars of international action films. This specialist in the martial arts, with a more than advantageous physique, has thus played in films of that kind, such as Full Contact (Lionheart), Double Impact or Maximum Risk.

His famous great facial expressions made the young women pвmer (swoon) while his more painful faces suited the male fans. His verbal flattery during interviews has constituted each time to moments of anthology. In short, JCVD is unique, and in this case Van Damme surpasses the strict framework of the seventh art (cinema).

This Wednesday July 11, the actor finds his way back to French screens with his new film, Replicant. Fans of the bodybuilder actor will exult: he indeed interprets two roles in this film, an experiment he has already tried in 1990 with Double Impact and 1996 with Maximum Risk.

For Replicant, Jean-Claude rediscovers the director Ringo Lam, with whom he had already worked with on Maximum Risk. The loop is closed, this is a "full circle", as the Belgian karate expert would say.

Replicant relates the history of Jake Riley (Michael Rooker), a police inspector who is tracking Garotte day and night (Jean-Claude Van Damme), a serial killer. The victims of the latter accumulate, the investigation falters... until the day the NSA, a secret government department, set up a top-secret project to stop Garotte. A clone of the latter is thus created by the NSA. This Replicant, equipped with telepathic capacities and a perfect double of the assassin, possesses nevertheless the experience of a newborn baby at the start of the life. Jake Riley will then have to support him so he can guide them towards Garotte, his genetic double...

To approach the role of Replicant, the actor set himself a particular exercise. "Ringo Lam asked me to look at National Geographic without him and to observe the behavior of the animals (he gets up and begins to mime a bear)", he declares. Definitely, Van Damme is not really an actor like the others. Replicant, in theatres today, should bring proof of that once again.

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