Jean-Claude Van Damme: you liked him Aware, you will adore his Fashion

July 5, 2001 (French)

If you liked the faded skin-tight jeans and the body-hugging T-shirts of the most aware man of planet, then you will be delighted to learn that Jean-Claude Van Damme makes from now on in lace.

Dammage Seven, the name he has chosen, will be a line of clothing of the type... say the type Jean-Claude Van Damme. To have them before everyone, you will have to make a small trip to London, and more precisely the Harrods shop, whose owner, Mohammed Al Fayed (the father of Dodi) is an old friend of the comedian.

It was already known that the relentless hero had a softer side, if one believes the council that he gave to Aziz on the set of Loft Story, but one did not think that his line of clothing was truly a good deed. Jean-Claude Van Damme indeed decided to give half of the profits carried out on the sale of clothing to charitable organizations.
He added: "We will make sure that the money arrives effectively in good hands and is not diverted on the way."
Hats off to Mr Van Damme!

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