Van Damme in Brazil

Istoé Gente: May 5, 2001. (Brazilian Magazine)

The Belgian actor makes a pose in front of the poster of Replicant in the Meli Hotel hall, where he stayed in So Paulo.

The Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme arrived in So Paulo on Saturday 5 and had agitated days until Wednesday 9, when he embarked for the Festival of Cannes, in France. In Brazil, here to reveal his film Replicant, which opens on Friday 11, he did not escape the siege of fans, but disappointed them when disclosing that he is now more Zen. "This is my last film with violent scenes," he said.

In his next film, still without a beginning date, Van Damme will be one with Zen. But for the time being in real life, the Belgian did not just want to meditate. On Saturday, the star had supper in the Leopolldo restaurant. There, he danced and with an hour to go, even so, he was irritated by the delay of staff in bringing his car. On account of the cold of about 15 degrees, Van Damme had to wear a body warmer. On the following afternoon, the actor was in the mood for some freedom.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is escorted by bouncers at the entrance to boat Cheers, where he was sufficiently welcomed during the launch party of his new film.

In the Legal Sunday, he sweated to the sound of funk by the group Is The Tchan. Perhaps because of the time lag, Van Damme had forgotten to add a change of clothing in his luggage. On Monday 7, he appeared with the same jacket at the launch party of his film at boat Cheers, where Solange Frazo awaited him. The dedicated trainer made a performance at 10 pm which was not seen by Astro until 1 am.

With several commitments, the actor fared badly on Tuesday 8 and finished dining on minestrone in the Meli Hotel, where he stayed. For the fourth time in Brazil, Van Damme made no extravagancy, but demanded dates, damson plums and express coffee. Educated in Portuguese with the only two words exercised that he knows: por favor and obrigado.

Reporter: Marcelo Zanini

As he arrived in his surrounded car and bouncers, Van Damme wore a body warmer because of the cold of 15 degrees. The actor wore his sunglasses to disguise his bad mood to people at the door of the restaurant, where he left at dawn.

At the entrance of the Leopolldo restaurant, Van Damme had to wait a little more and was irritated by the delay of staff in bringing his car.

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