Van Damme plays a Hasidic Jew

MICK LaSALLE, Chronicle Staff Critic

JERUSALEM (AP) -- In Jerusalem's walled Old City, a crowd of Palestinian youths cheer a Hasidic Jew who uses kickboxing to dispatch a gaggle of Israeli policemen.

No, it's not the latest plan for sharing the holy sites -- the scene this week came during filming for Jean-Claude Van Damme's $25-million US action flick, The Order.

Israeli and Palestinian onlookers on Monday cheered and teased actors dressed as police officers as they ran through an action sequence several times. With each take the crowd grew more boisterous, many yelling "action" and "cut."

"I think we are the first international crew to be able to shoot in these areas on the roof of the holy city. I'm very blessed," Van Damme said.

September 26, 2000

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