Jean-Claude Van Damme comes very close to death

March 15, 2000

According to the National Enquirer, the muscular actor Jean-Claude Van Damme narrowly escaped death. He had a terrible car accident from which he, however, left completely unharmed. The airbag prevented his skull from smashing to pieces against the windscreen and thanks to that, he doesn't even have a scratch.

He explained why one of his friends was at the wheel of his Mercedes, when a blue car came out of nowhere and cut across their path. The friend of Jean-Claude turned to the right and they crashed into a wall and a tree. Van Damme, accustomed to scenes of action, had to feel at ease to help the passengers out of the car for fear that it would explode.

No injury is to be announced for anyone. Even the 13 year old son of the driver who had to stay some time at the hospital is already completely recovered from the accident. As for the one who caused the accident, he is still running and the police are searching actively.

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