Monsour's 'Kicking' Encounter with Van Damme

October 28, 1998

Philippines Taekwondo master and movie star Monsour del Rosario met with his hero Jean-Claude Van Damme in 1998, during the time Knock Off was screening worldwide. Monsour first met Van Damme in Tokyo while he was filming a herbal tea commercial. Monsour was taking a 17-day show in Japan when he heard about Van Damme so he decided to take three days off to meet his idol. After a night out in the city together they went to the hotel gym and Monsour had a chance to display his Taekwondo expertise for Van Damme to see and assess. Van Damme told him to maintain his kicks and improve his acting, promising Monsour a role in his next movie, The Monk, which will be shot in China and Canada. Monsour then gave Van Damme a tape of his starring film "Matang Aguila" which was directed by Philip Ko, a good friend of Ringo Lam.

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