Jury finds in favor of action star in breach of contract trial

JLOS ANGELES (AP) -- Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme doesn't owe any money to a martial arts expert who sought $1.5 million on claims he collaborated with the actor in writing a movie script, a jury decided Monday.

Frank Dux claimed in the breach of contract lawsuit that "The Quest," a 1991 movie that Van Damme directed and starred in, was similar to the manuscript "Enter the New Dragon: The Kumite," which they both wrote.

Van Damme attended most of the trial but on Monday he was in Texas filming a new movie, "Universal Soldier II," said his attorney, Martin Singer. The actor was pleased with the verdict, he said.

Jury foreman Paul Martinet said jurors found Dux's testimony less than credible, including his assertion that an audiotape documenting his oral agreement with the actor was destroyed in the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Plaintiff attorney Steven Kramer told jurors the tape was destroyed in a safe "buried under about three tons of concrete" that demolished Dux's apartment. But Singer said in closing arguments that Dux's apartment manager testified there was no falling concrete.

Dux said he planned to appeal.

November 10, 1998

Sourced from jam.canoe.ca

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