Van Damme let off with a warning

PONCE INLET, Fla. (AP) -- What's a little speeding between Timecop and a real cop?

Jean-Claude Van Damme was let off with a warning after he was pulled over Saturday for speeding. The Belgian-born Van Damme was going about eight miles per hour over the 35 mph limit (about 13 kilometres per hour over a 55 km-h limit).

Sgt. Larry Roberts, the forgiving officer, said Van Damme was "a little rattled when I pulled him over."

Roberts said he pulled over the 1997 Chevrolet pickup truck and instantly recognized Van Damme, the star of Timecop" and "Bloodsport. But he insists he wasn't star-struck; local police typically don't throw the book at drivers just a bit over the limit.

"Basically, I told him it would cost him an autographed picture," he said.

Van Damme was apparently in the area for a race at the Daytona International Speedway.

February 2, 1997

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