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Music from Van Damme's films

  1. Sound tracks collection [22,3Mbmb] new
  2. Interview [0,258mb]
  3. Lion Heart [3,830mb]
  4. The Order [0,446mb]
  5. The Order (final music) [0,513mb]
  6. Derailed (final music) [5,380mb]
  7. Double Team (final music) [4,640mb]
  8. Replicant (final music) [5,370mb]
  9. Universal Soldier: The Return (final music) [2,860mb]
  10. Maximum Risk (final music) [3,170mb]
  11. Double Impact (final music) [3,580mb]
  12. Inferno (final music) [3,140mb]
  13. Universal Soldier(final music) [4,620mb]
  14. Kickboxer (trening) [1,420mb]
  15. Kickboxer (final fight) [1,280mb]
  16. Blood sport (...aren't you a little old for video games?) [0,271mb]
  17. Blood sport (what the hell is a Dim-Mak?) [0,204mb]
  18. Blood sport (no no no, it's DUX) [0,156mb]
  19. Blood sport (Wanna go out with a real BIG man?) [0,290mb]
  20. Blood sport (...I need a few more scars on my face!) [0,200mb]
  21. Blood sport (no shit you honor his invitation!) [0,045mb]
  22. Blood sport (I'm Ray Jackson. I'm Frank Dux) [0,053mb]
  23. Blood sport (you break my record... now I break you!) [0,129mb]
  24. Blood sport (say it...) [0,246mb]"
  25. Blood sport (fight to survive) [2,130mb]
  26. The Quest (final music) [2,120mb]
  27. In Hell (final music) [2,390mb]
  28. Cyborg (final music) [2,820mb]
  29. Blood Sport (final fight) [0,580mb]
  30. Blood Sport (final music) [1,320mb]
  31. Kickboxer (final fight) [1,680mb]
  32. Sudden Death (final music) [1,190mb]
  33. Different voices from films [1,530mb]

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